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Mehrsun Electronic Raman Co.


 MER Co. was established in 2019 with the aim of designing and producing various types of LED Lighting and electronic modules

Qualified Professional Team

The strength of MER Co. is utilizing its team members’ significant successful experiences in electronics and lighting industry. Our team leaders are top notch in their own field such as in executive, production, Product design and commercial departments with more than a decade experience in their job related positions

Utilization of latest Assembly Technology

The production machinery and Laboratory equipment are chosen after meticulous extensive researches based on market needs and products specifications. This factory is equipped with advanced fully automatic PCB production and high speed components assembly machinery. All is done to provide the best performance and product to our customers.

Why MER Co?


Our outstanding access to the most reliable electronics components and SMD LEDs manufacturers and suppliers makes our customer rest assured that they are in good hands. Being in touch with biggest lighting and electronics brands makes us a reliable source for up to date technology and expert product development consultants. What we focus on is what we deliver must be of “High Quality”, “On Time Delivery” and “affordable”.we believe we are committed to deliver what is promised.

our products

Mehrsun Electronic Raman Co.

All MER Co. have done is to ensure we are dedicated to deliver. Our goal is to providing, designing and production of final products with highest possible quality, fastest delivery time and most affordable prices.

Assembly Service (PCBA)

Assembly services for all types of electronic boards

Electronic Components and SMD LED

Supply of original electronic components and LEDs from reputable manufacturers

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Production of single layer printed circuit board

LED Driver

Design and production of Indoor and Outdoor drivers

Lighting Modules

Design and production of various lighting modules

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Phone: :+983535238033

Head Office: Yazd - Hakimian Three Ways - the beginning of Pakenjad Boulevard - No. 870, first floor